Kenley Hall:

Editor in Chief/Overlord of Japanese Publishers


About Me: I am just a fun loving dude who loves Video Games and Writing. What better way to combine those 2 then Video Game Journalism. So by mixing together Sugar, Spice, and everything nice, plus a dose of chemical X World 1 Level 1 was born or was it the Powerpuff girls? I always get those 2 confused. Anyways you get the idea. I just made this site so I could write about video games in the way I wanted to so enjoy. You can follow me on Twitter @Kenley_Hall

Shawn Denney


Shawn Denney

About Me:  I have been a dedicated gamer for most of my life.  Some of my earliest memories in life are playing Bubble Bobble with my mother and trying to play Final Fantasy on the NES.  I may have been terrible but the experience must have been a positive one because here I am over 20 years later still having video games as an essential part of my life.  I play a wide variety of genres, am an avid comic reader, and here to share all that goodness with you.


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