Playstation Vita System Review

By: Kenley Hall

I never owned a PSP in its day, I was very much a Nintendo handheld guy. But I bought a Vita early this year. What do I think of it well lets dive into the Review:

Design: It is a nice looking piece of tech. Its entirely plastic but looks highclass.The OLED screen is gorgeous. The dual analog sticks are placed a good amount of space between.  Speaking of which having dual sticks on a handheld is great. The buttons are layed out well though The 4 face buttons are a little on the small side. The triggers are also nice with just the right amount of spring. The front touchscreen works great. But while the backtouchpad is cool and works well, it gets activated way to easily and has legitimately screwed me up in a game because you can not turn the thing off. The start and select buttons are also on the small side but that is a minor complaint. The vita card slot is also pretty cool it has a latching lid which gives the whole thing an even look though I have had some slight irritation with it when the cards don’t go in as smoothly as they should but its not a huge deal. The battery life is also too short in my opinion but overall its a well designed piece of tech

Game Cards: Not much to say good size, work well, and are way better then those terribly huge umds.

Memory cards: Way to small and way overpriced.

Games: The Vita has a pretty good selection of games. It was lacking a true killer app but I feel Killzone Mercenary,  and the upcoming Tearaway fit the bill. It has a pretty good selection of genres as well. Overall a good if not great lineup of games especially now that the killer apps are here (Killzone) and coming soon(Tearaway)

Price: At 200 dollars due to the recent pricecut it is a great value. But the obscene memory prices hinder it a bit.

The verdict: BUY IT: With a library coming into its own, a great system design, upcoming connectivity with PS4 like Remote Play, and a recent pricecut now is the perfect time to pick up a Vita. The memory prices are still too high but its worth the sacrifice for a great handheld gaming experience. Pick yours up today.


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