Little Big Planet PS Vita Review

By: Kenley Hall

Little Big Planet PS Vita is the most recent core entry in the LBP franchise. It is not developed by Media Molecule which gave me cause for concern. Was I right to worry? Lets dive in and see.

Graphics: The game is easy on the eyes with its handmade craft esthetic. Everything looks like its made out of stuff you could find at your local craft store which is quite charming. There are no glaring texture issues as far as I could tell. The framerate is fine until you go online where its a mess. I do not think I played a single online game without nearly game breaking lag. It’s not the best looking game on Vita by far but it holds it’s own as long as its offline.

Gameplay: Typical LBP gameplay with the floaty jumps and slower more puzzle esque pace then most platformers. The bosses are well done most using a specific gadget introduced in that world which is cool. There are 5 total worlds with numerous levels which makes it a bit on the short side. The level creation tools are back with the awesome new feature to save your progress in user levels and save user levels to your system to play offline. Which makes it easier for talented creators to create full games. The user creation tools still elude me ( way to complicated) but other people put out great stuff. The game also lets you play online with up to 3 other people but as stated earlier its a lag fest. The gameplay offline is overall solid. But online play is a mess which is a pretty bad thing for such a community centered series.

Sound: The sound design and voice acting is great every character is full of charm and the sound effects are awesomely zany. Thats really all there is to say its just great.

Story: Typically simple and charming a guy named the Puppeteer is stealing the joy and you must stop him it throws a decent story twist in at the end though. Overall the Story is just what you expect.

Overall: This game showed massive promise but that promise is only shown offline. For a game so focused on community the online lag is inexusable. So what was a great game is now an ok game. 7.7 out of 10.


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