Ducktales Remastered Review

Review by Shawn Denney


Ducktales is a property that has shaped my life.  I truly mean that.  Ducktales is my favorite TV show ever created, I own many of the comic books, and of course the video games.  Ducktales Remastered has Wayforward remaking Capcom’s classic NES title with updated visuals, new content, and an expanded plot.  The end result is something that is still a really good game but has some missteps along the way.


Gameplay is the same as it was in the original NES title which is to say that it has you controlling Uncle Scrooge through a variety of environments chosen Megaman style.  Once inside a level it is a sidescroller that has you using your cane as a pogo stick and also a golf club.  Honestly their isn’t any other “weapon” quite like Scrooges cane in all of gaming.


One of the main additions come in the form of a new playable intro stage, Scrooge’s Money Bin.  Its a fun introduction level that has the games mechanics built in tutorial like ways as you progress.  It was a nice surprise.  After that level designs are essentially the exact same as they were in the past with all of the secrets just as they were.


The visuals have been completely redone with environments being made of 3D polygons while all of the characters and enemies are hand drawn.  Personally I would have loved to see the whole game be hand drawn but how it was done is very appealing to the eye.  The music from the game has been completely remixed but is the same tunes from the original game.  The new addition in the sound department is that all of the voice actors from the show have come back to portray their character after over two decades.  The result is a blast of nostalgia and a true treat for fans of the series.


The downside to the voice acting addition is in its implementation.  Each time you get to a certain area the cutscene will play.  You have the option of pressing start and skipping it or waiting through it.  Watching these scenes was great the first time but the game not remembering you’ve already witnessed the scene can be quite frustrating if you say have died a few times on the same stage and are having to keep trying it.  While playing I couldn’t help but wonder why a lot of these scenes, since they just involve scrooge talking to himself or over a radio, couldn’t have played while you continued the game.  Then it would still convey the story without interrupting gameplay.  I realize not all scenes would work in this format but many would have.


The game features several difficulty settings to appeal to a variety of gamers.  It works quite well to bring that old-school challenge for those that want it and to provide ample breathing room for those not looking to challenge their gaming skills.  The one major flaw on the gameplay front is that the hit detection for the cane on ledges can be a bit spotty.  It isn’t anything game breaking but it isn’t quite as fine tunes as it seems like it should be.


Donkey Kong Country games aren’t the only ones that get to have fun with mine carts

Overall Ducktales Remastered is a faithful remake of an excellent classic.  It takes a few missteps along the way but it also gets many things right.  For those of you who are begging for a blast of nostalgia, looking for that old-school challenge, or are looking for a beautiful new hand drawn 2D game then consider giving Ducktales Remastered a chance.

8.1 out of 10


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