Bring The Challenge Back

By Kenley Hall:

I want the challenge in gaming to return. We live in an age of gaming where hand holding and endless re-spawns are commonplace. Where there are practically no consequences to dying. Where checkpoints and health are handed out like candy. I remember when every life you had left was precious. When beating a level felt like a reward for your skill and not an inevitability. When every boss was scary because they could send you back to the beginning. Remember Super Mario Bros on the NES? Lives were precious because you only had so many, a missed jump on your last life truly meant game over. But now Mario games give out extra lives as often as Lindsey Lohan shows up in the tabloids. Meanwhile games like Call of Duty hand out checkpoints at every turn. Then when a game like Monster Hunter or Dark Souls comes along and ramps up the challenge it scares people off and people exaggerate its difficulty to extremes. Gaming going mainstream has brought many great things to our hobby, things such as bigger budgets that allow for greater experiences, and yet it has also made us lose something precious the challenge. The challenge is what helped draw us into gaming in the 1st place, because it made us feel great when we finally won. Sadly it has been lost in mainstream success. Now the games have to be easy to cater to the new and inexperienced gamers out there. This is a call to developers out there to bring the challenge back. I understand that easier games must exist now too. But we need more challenging games as well a lot more. So that the new gamers growing up can taste the challenge so that the challenge does not die out. And us who grew up with this industry can have the challenge we love. That is all.


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